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Experience the best of both worlds with the flex Pro Box. The newest member of the VLTZ family is compatible with both sustainable refillable pods and convenient pre-filled pods, delivering unparalleled versatility and ease.

Refillable pods allow you to enjoy your favourite flavours while minimizing waste and saving money. Simply refill with your preferred VLTZ e-liquid.

With the flex Pro Box, effortlessly switch between pre-filled and refillable pods whenever you need by simply replacing one pod with another.



Wave goodbye to flavour inconsistency and embrace a steady taste experience with our innovative constant voltage technology. Experience the same intense flavour from the first puff to the last, regardless of the battery level. With a powerful 1000mAh vape battery, you can vape up to 4ml of e-liquid before needing to recharge. You’ll know when it’s time to recharge, thanks to the colour battery charge indicator. The flex Pro Bar fully powers up in under an hour.



If you want to make a statement with a pocket-sized vape, the flex Pro Box is the perfect choice. With a distinctive square shape and bright colours, the flex Pro Box is compact yet bold.

Available in four striking colours, the flex Pro Box offers a small and modern profile, allowing you to express your personality with options ranging from bold purple to classic grey. It's an ideal fit for those who like both style and functionality.

Designed for simplicity, the flex Pro Box provides a hassle-free vaping experience. With convenient features like adjustable airflow control for a customised vaping experience, it caters to both beginners and experienced users alike. With its minimalist design, this vape is the ultimate companion for those who seek straightforward functionality without sacrificing style.

VLTZ flex Pro Box Refillable

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