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Experience the versatility of the flex Pro Bar, compatible with both refillable and pre-filled pods.

Choose refillable pods to enjoy your favourite VLTZ flavours while reducing waste and saving money. Simply refill your Flex Pro Bar with your preferred VLTZ e-liquid.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly vaping option for daily use but still want the convenience of pre-filled pods when you're on the go, the flex Pro Vape Bar gives you the choice. Switch between pre-filled and refillable pods effortlessly, giving you the flexibility you need, whenever you need it.



Have you ever experienced the disappointment of your vape tasting fantastic when fully charged, only to notice the flavour fading as the battery depletes? With the flex Pro vape bar, say goodbye to flavour inconsistency. Constant voltage technology ensures a consistent flavour intensity, regardless of battery levels. Featuring a 900mAh vape battery, you can enjoy up to 4ml of e-liquid before needing to recharge. Thanks to the 3-light battery charge indicator you’ll know when it’s time to charge. The Flex Pro Bar battery reaches full capacity in under an hour.



Featuring sleek lines and a compact design, the flex Pro Bar redefines simplicity and sophistication.

Available in four metallic colours, its small and contemporary profile allows you to flex your own personal style.

Engineered for simplicity, the flex Pro Bar vape pen ensures a straightforward vaping experience, catering to beginners and experienced users alike. With its minimalist design, this device is ideal for those seeking both style and substance.

VLTZ flex Pro Bar Refillable

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