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VLTZ e-liquid puts the strident flavours of modern disposable vapes into 10ml bottles. The flavours are predominantly sweet, cool and distinctively fruity. We formulated VLTZ e-liquid to work with a specific tight range of low power vapes. It provides the greatest flavour intensity of any e-liquid range we make.

We currently recommend VLTZ e-liquid for use only in the following devices:

R1 rechargeable disposable vape pen

Totally Wicked Skope Air (using 0.8ohm atomizer head only)

VLTZ E-liquid

£4.99 Regular Price
£3.99Sale Price
  • Anyone that uses flavourful disposable “Vape Bars”, but wonders why they are spending so much money. They may also question throwing so many batteries away without ever recharging them. VLTZ e-liquid allows an even more amazing flavour experience at hugely reduced cost both to the user, and to the environment.

    PG/VG Ratio - 60/40
    Nicotine Strengths - 0.0%, 1.0%, 1.6%
    Highest quality ingredients
    Extensively tested for inhalation suitability
    Rigorous QC process for each batch
    Made in the UK

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