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the Switz3 updates the elegantly simple design with some new and improved features. We set out to design the perfect starter kit for new vapers and with the Switz3 we have.

This is a vape starter kit that is easy to use, provides everything you need, and nothing that you don’t and will provide fantastic flavour from your vape juice thanks to the GTL atomizer head.

The Totally Wicked Switz3 is the ideal vape for someone looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping, or anyone looking for a small, simple and easy to use device.

Switz3 kit

    • Battery capacity - 650mAh
    • Tank capacity - 2.0ml
    • Atomizer resistance range - 0.4ohm - 1.6ohm
    • Dimensions - 114mm (height) x 16.5mm (diameter)
    • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 50g

    Product Warranty and Safety Information.

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