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This is the Skope Air vape pod.

  • Is it easy to use? YES.
  • Can you fill it with different flavoured e-liquids? YES.
  • Does it feel like smoking? YES.

The Skope Air is designed for people like you, who want to stop smoking and vape instead, plus it looks great too.

Skope Air

  • Skope Air Specifications

    • Pod capacity - 2ml
    • Atomizer resistance - 0.8ohm
    • Output modes - Constant voltage
    • Battery capacity - 800mAh
    • Max Charging Current - 2.0A
    • Tank/Battery connection - Proprietary connection
    • Filling method - Side fill
    • Airflow type - Bottom adjustable
    • Dimensions - 116.6mm (length) x 22.5mm (width) x 12.7mm (depth)
    • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 38g
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