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What do vapers want from an e-cig? Something bold, effortless and that encapsulates vaping in its purest form. Well the Totally Wicked Orbis e-cig kit is a first-class vaping experience straight from the box.

If you aren’t immediately impressed by its understated, yet classic pen-style form, you will be by what sits underneath. Vaping technology not designed to impress, but created to ensure that your vaping experience is seamless and consistent. The Orbis is the highest vaping quality in a pocket-sized package.

The integrated 1100mAh e-cig battery sits inside a compact, durable metal e-cig body. There are three power settings which can be adjusted with a few clicks of the on-board button. This is great for vapers who are looking for an e-cig that allows for a change in vaping experience, but want the discreet element of vaping to remain. There are no large screens or menus to scroll through, this is control over your vape in the simplest form.

The Orbis tank is where this e-cig kit really shines. It is filled with e-liquid from the top of the e-cig, but this is no regular sliding top fill. The Orbis incorporates an extra step to ensure you can vape all day every day, you need to push up and then slide. This doesn’t seem too important, but when out and about with your e-cig, a sliding top fill could open when in a pocket or bag, not anymore.

Vapers you need not worry about changing your e-cig coil. The Orbis makes e-cig maintenance even easier. When you are changing your atomizer the e-liquid inlets ‘lock’, which means you can swap out a coil with a full tank of your favourite e-liquid and you won’t lose a drop.

The Orbis is an e-cig for vapers who may want to ‘step up’ from their e-cig starter kit, who want to advance their vaping experience without having to invest in a large vape mod with all the bells and whistles. Think of the Orbis as an ‘advanced’ starter kit. It keeps all the form and looks of a beginners e-cig, but incorporates leading vaping features to add control to your vaping experience and give you even more from your vape.


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  • Orbis Specifications

    • Tank capacity - 2ml
    • Atomizer resistance - 0.6ohm mesh (1 fitted)
    • Resistance range - 0.3-3.0ohm
    • Battery capacity - 1100mAh
    • Dimensions - 104mm x 22mm
    • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 90g
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