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Laptops repaired @ Disc Co: Charger Sockets, Screen Replacements, Screen Inverters, Cosmetic Plastics, Liquid Damage, Memory, Hard Drives, DVD Drives, Keyboards. All repaired in-house by our trained technicians

Laptop, Notebook and Netbook repairs:

Here at Disc Co, we realise that a laptop can become one of the most important parts of you daily life, and so we appreciate that when they go wrong you can fear the worst. Don't worry we are here to help. We can solve many of the now common problems with this type of computer for a reasonable charge to get you up and running in no time.

So, what services can we offer for your Laptop, Notebook or Netbook?

DC charger socket replacement:

If your laptop socket feels loose, or your laptop is simply not charging then this could be the charging socket at fault. When we get your laptop here we will take the following steps:

    1. We check the original charger to ensure that it is supplying the correct voltage. If it is not then we will try a replacement. If the laptop still doesn't charge then we will proceed to step 2.
    2. After a visual assessment of the laptop we will start the disassembly of the laptop to remove the socket.
    3. Once the socket is removed, we will clean up all of the contacts and circuit board.
    4. Then we will fit the new socket and reassemble the laptop.
    5. The system is fully tested to check for charging and power/voltage.

There are a few symptoms of a laptop socket needing replacement that are not necessarily that it's not charging:

Power swapping between AC Power and Battery.
Battery charges intermittently.
Loose DC jack.
Screen dim or flickering.

Generally we can fix this problem within a couple of days, depending on availability of parts. We will advise you of a timescale at the time of repair.

Power Switches and Other Switches:

We can fix, replace or service the power switch on most laptops. Also we can repair problems with media boards, such as the 'touch' volume control on HP laptops. We also fix ribbon cable faults where necessary.

Screen Replacements and Inverters:

A broken laptop screen is one of the most common problems and is easy to do. Even opening the 'lid' in the wrong way can crack the screen. We generally keep in stock replacements for most laptops.

  • We can fit screens into 95% of laptops no matter what size screen it has. We have most common models in stock for a fast turnaround.
  • We also fit specialist screens, for example, Glossy screens fitted in higher models. We can also fit a glossy screen if you wish, and vice-versa. So if you have a Gloss screen and prefer a low-glare Matt version this is not a problem.
  • Laptop Screen Inverters fitted. The usual symptoms are that the screen lights up then goes dull, stays dull or intermittently goes dull. This can be a cost effective solution where a full screen is not required.
  • We can also fit screens into Netbook's and Apple laptops.

Again this is generally a couple of days turnaround to repair depending on stock levels.

Cosmetic Parts, Keyboards and Liquid Damage:

We are sometimes able to change the cosmetic parts on laptops, depending on availability. We can fit either new or used parts, but all will be in good condition. This is a cost effective fix if your laptop is showing it's age.
If your keyboard is broken or has keys missing, then the chances are we can swap it for a brand new one. We cover most models and are able to turnaround repairs in 1-2 days depending on parts.
Liquid damage repairs are taken in, however we cannot guarantee a successful repair. We will strip and clean the unit, and check for damage. Please contact us if you require this service to discuss your needs.

Repairs to Apple MacBooks.

We are able to repair certain aspects of MacBook faults. As parts can be vast and sometimes hard to source, we ask for a little patience when we are repairing Mac's, however certain repairs such as Hard Drive replacements, Memory upgrades and Screen replacements can be carried out relatively quickly. Please contact us with your faults and we will advise you of the next steps.

Memory, Hard Drives and other upgrades:

This type of upgrade comes under our general day to day business. We can upgrade parts in most laptops, whether it be a hard drive or memory upgrade. Please call us with your needs.

Let our trained engineers give your laptop the service it deserves. We have many years of experience in both Computer repair and electronics engineering. Our workshop has state of the art equipment to ensure any repairs are carried out to the highest standard.

Please call us on: 01782 315500 to discuss any laptop repairs that you need. We will be happy to help.


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