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Revolution VT60 / Evic VT

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Revolution VT60 / Evic VT

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Quick Overview

Totally Wicked have always been at the forefront of providing our customers with ground breaking technology and with the Revolution VT60, we are bringing you bang up to date. This cutting-edge power unit has been specifically engineered to take advantage of the game changing Variable Temperature (VT) Control System.

Product Description

Totally Wicked have always been at the forefront of providing our customers with ground breaking technology and with the Revolution VT60, we are bringing you bang up to date. This cutting-edge power unit has been specifically engineered to take advantage of the game changing Variable Temperature (VT) Control System.

What is VT?

The huge benefit of VT technology is the unique, dynamic way that the power is delivered to the atomizer unit. Although this may sound like ‘marketing spiel’, it’s actually a significant and ground-breaking evolution in vaping technology and is set to dramatically enhance the experience of vaping and will likely become a core theme throughout future product developments.

Coupled with the Revolution VT60 battery unit is the Tornado II Sub Mega Tank - a super-sized version of the exceptional Tornado II Sub Tank - but with a few enhancements to the design. This tank is kitted with coils specifically designed to be used with the remarkable VT control system and enlarged windows through which you can see your liquid level. This entire kit contains everything you need to experience this revolutionary new vaping technology.

Why is VT Revolutionary?

The way which the VT technology delivers the power to the coil is completely unique. On a more ‘standard’ electronic cigarette, when the power button is pressed, seconds pass until the coil is heated to the desired temperature. Because of this delay, much of the draw consists of more air than vapour.

With VT technology, the coil is heated to the pre-defined temperature immediately; maximum power is applied in order to heat the coil – rather like a car accelerating hard off the starting line. Once the coil achieves its set temperature, the power being delivered to the coil fluctuates, depending on the speed of the draw and the amount of fluid present and then balances power delivery to maintain the pre-defined temperature. This dynamic power delivery completely transforms and enhances the experience of vaping – unless you try this, you cannot appreciate the massive advantage of this revolutionary new circuitry.

Because of this advancement, the Revolution VT60 self-regulates the temperature to which the coil is heated. In instances where, for example, a tank runs out of fluid and this has gone unnoticed, on a device which doesn’t incorporate VT technology, a user may find the unpleasant taste of a ‘burnt’ atomizer (known as a ‘dry hit’). A VT device constantly monitors the temperature of the coil as it heats and should the tank run dry, the device recognises the resulting temperature increase and automatically drop the power delivered to the coil.

Even with a completely dry (un-primed) atomizer, it is not possible to overheat the coil in the Revolution VT60. If you were to insert a brand-new, un-primed coil, set the device to maximum output and then press the button, the unit would instantly recognise the potential to overheat and would automatically cut-out. This revolutionary technology eliminates the risk of these ‘dry hits’, therefore significantly enhancing the vaping experience.

More Information

To utilise the advantages of the revolutionary VT technology, specific atomizer heads constructed with Nickel heating wire need to be used. Without using Nickel wire, the Revolution VT60 can still be used as a variable voltage/wattage device, but the Variable Temperature (VT) control system will not function.

With a significant power range of between 1.0 to 60 watts, and temperature ranges of 100 to 315°C (200 to 600°F), the Revolution VT60 is a true powerhouse of the electronic cigarette world.

A key aspect of any electronic cigarette is the battery capacity. The Revolution VT60 houses the largest battery that Totally Wicked has ever offered its customers, a monumental 5000mAh, surely enough to stop even the most hardened vaper reaching for their charger.

With a 4ml tank capacity and coming pre-fitted with 0.5ohm Nickel (Ni) atomizer heads and 0.4ohm Titanium (Ti) atomizer heads the Tornado II Sub Mega Tank is ready to be primed and used with the Variable Temperature (VT) control system.

The stylish selection wheel is another outstanding feature of the Revolution VT60. Extremely responsive with minimal movement needed, it makes the device a joy to use.

With passthrough charging capability you will never be caught short waiting for your device to be back up to full power, and the 5 click on/off functionality allows your device to be stored safely.

Kit contents

1 x Revolution VT60 Power Unit
1 x eGo Double Threaded Adaptor
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Silicone Skin
1 x Tornado II Sub Mega Tank
1 x Nickel Atomizer Head
1 x Titanium Atomizer Head

Colours: White, Black, Orange
Battery capacity: 5000mAh
Wattage output range: 1.0W to 60W
Tank capacity: 4ml
Atomizer head resistance kitted: 0.5ohm Ni and 0.4ohm Ti
Dimensions: TBC

High performance tanks with 510 threaded connectors can be used on this unit, although unless VT capable atomizer units are used, will function only in ‘Standard’ operating mode (non VT).

The Tornado II Sub Mega Tank will fit and operate on any high performance battery unit.

Who would this be suitable for?

The Revolution VT60 will appeal to Intermediate to Advanced users - those looking for an intelligent device which incorporates the latest available technology.

Users can utilise the CLR Rebuildable atomizer heads (kanthal) to wind their own coils, or easily use the pre-made atomizer heads, available in either Titanium or Nickel.

Where does this product fit within the range?

This is the first product offering to incorporate VT, so is unique in the range.

Disregarding the VT functionality, the Revolution VT60 fits between the iStick 50W and the eVic Supreme.

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